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Our Story
The Keystone Conference Loan Fund has been helping churches and pastors in the northeast finance churches and homes for over 50 years.
The Keystone Conference Loan Fund is operated by the Keystone Conference of the Free Methodist Church. Our mission is to finance the establishment, development, acquisition, construction and/or repair and improvement of churches and church-related projects with in the northeast region of the Free Methodist Church USA, including parsonages and residences for pastors and ministers within that region, and to support and satisfy the general operations and obligations of the Keystone Conference. We are currently funding projects in Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland.
Investment Options
To fund these kingdom projects we offer four debt investment options to our investors. ‚
  • Flexi-Notes– This is a 30-day demand note. It currently pays 1.70% APR. There is a $500 minimum initial investment. There is no minimum additional investment amount. Our Flexi-Note is ideal if you need quick access to your assets while still earning a competitive rate of return. There is no penalty for early redemption. Flexi -Note rates are subject to change with a 30 day notice.
  • 2 Year Note*– Our two year note is ideal for investors who are looking to lock in a higher rate of return than our first two options and who do not require quick access to their assets. The two year note is currently paying 2.35% APR. Minimum investment of $1,000.00 applies.
  • 3 Year Note*– Our three year note is ideal for investors who are looking to lock in an even higher rate of return.. The three year note is currently paying 2.60% APR.  Minimum investment of $1,000.00 applies.
  • 5 Year Note*– Our five year note, currently paying 3.10% APR, is ideal for investors who want to lock in a competitive rate of return and do not require access to their assets for five or more years. Minimum investment of $1,000.00 applies.
Important Info 
Our investments are unsecured general debt obligations of the Keystone Conference of the Free Methodist Church.
Investments are subject to risks, which are fully described in the Offering Circular, including: ‚
  • Proceeds may be used for non-LoanFund purposes. ‚
  • Flexi-Notes bear variable interest rates. ‚
  • Investments may be subordinated to senior indebtedness. ‚
  • Investments are not FDIC or SIPC insured. ‚
  • Investment carry no guarantee from the Free Methodist Church USA. ‚
  • Investments are not backed by a sinking fund or trust indenture. ‚
  • Investments may be subject to negative interest spread because we make variable rate loans.
States KCLF currently offers its securities in: AL,  MD, NY,  PA, & TX
The Keystone Conference Loan Fund is a Church Extension Fund owned and operated by the Keystone Conference of the Free Methodist Church. We offer debt investments at competitive rates in 11 states.
The proceeds from investments in the Keystone Conference Loan Fund help to fund church-related loans throughout the Northeastern United States.

Our rates (APR)*

Flexi-note (30 day demand) 1.70%
2 year note 2.35%
3 year note 2.60%
5 year note 3.10%


This is not an offer to sell our securities to you and we are not soliciting you to buy our securities. We will offer and sell our securities only in states were authorized. The offering is made solely by our Offering Circular. For more information or for our Offering Circular, please contact (814) 676-6611 (office) or Chris Hill, Loan Fund Director at director.KCLF@keystonefmc.org
Interest rates published are effective October 1, 2018; and are subject to change from time to time. Contact us to obtain the current Offering Circular and interest rate sheet.
T. Christopher Hill, Director
202 Wilson Avenue Oil City, PA 16301
Phone: 814-676-6611
Fax: 814-678-3465