Purpose – Vision – Mission – Values

The PVMV’s are the conference. They are the DNA code of the conference.
The PVMV’s define who we are and how we function. They provide a shared ideology and serve as the axis by which everything else is held in place and spins on; they are the Keystone that holds everything in it’s proper place and performing properly.

Everything we do and how we do things, from top to bottom, are filtered and measured through the PVMV’s.

They are the filter by which every candidate, every conference position, every minister, and every ministry is measured.

Purpose – WHY does the conference exist? 

To strategically support, resource, and coordinate the work of the Keystone Conference churches so that together we may see God’s Kingdom work thrive across Pennsylvania and beyond.


Vision – WHERE are we going? 
Every church a healthy, biblical community of holy people multiplying disciples, leaders, groups, and churches across Pennsylvania and beyond.

Mission – WHAT are the specific things we do to fulfill the purpose and vision?
We will:
Provide training

Organize districts for growth and accountability
Coordinate the sharing of resources
Strategize for Kingdom expansion both in and beyond our borders
Screen, mentor, and appoint men and women who are called to ministry and committed to the Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values of the Keystone Conference.
We value being connectional. Therefore we will demonstrate this by the involvement of our pastors in districts, and our churches in cooperative ministry initiatives within and beyond the bounds of the Free Methodist Church.
We value biblical accountability and authenticity. Therefore we will speak the truth in love, commit to being transparent in reporting and relationships, and hold one another to biblical and professional standards.
We value competency and fruitfulness. Therefore we will commit to continued education and training for our pastors and leaders.
We value prayer. Therefore we will demonstrate this by seeking the anointing and wisdom of God for the work to which He has called us.
We value embracing all. Therefore we will demonstrate this in our churches and affiliated ministries by being diligent to remove boundaries that keep the lost, the poor, the broken, and the disabled from hearing and receiving the gospel.
We value Kingdom expansion. Therefore we will seek opportunities for intentional evangelism and discipleship to expand the Kingdom of God.
We value scriptural holiness as revealed in the Bible and articulated in a Wesleyan understanding. Therefore we will seek nothing less than wholeness of mind, body, and soul.
We value a globally focused ministry. Therefore we will promote, support, and partner with Free Methodist World Missions and other compatible ministries for the expansion of the Kingdom of God.