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Spring 2019 Module -March 8-9 &  April 5-6  Brochure

Wesleyan Theology - Instructor: Rev. Tim Maybray
2 credit hours - Tuition $135 - Audit $90 
Overview (includes list of required texts)
Note Taking Syllabus
This course provides significant exposure to the major theological / philosophical differences between Calvinism and Wesleyan-Arminianism. The course will focus on the Wesley brothers' theology of salvation, particularly their understanding of Christian perfection and personal holiness, as expressed in John's sermons and in Charles' hymns. An understanding of the Wesleyan quadrilateral provides a perspective for understanding Wesleyan thought. The course will sharpen the distinctions between Calvinist and Wesleyan theologies and the implications of both particularly as it impacts the biblical message of holiness.


5:30pm - Check-In
6:00pm - Class
7:30am - Breakfast
8:00am - Class
12:00pm - Lunch
1:00pm - Class
3:30pm - Head for Home
You must attend both weekends to receive credit for the class.


 These fees cover the expenses for both weekends of the module.
Lodging for Individual - $70
Lodging for Married Couple - $90
Meals (per person) - $50
Tuition (see class listing)


Registration is limited. Send completed registration form with a $25 deposit (not an additional fee) payable to "Keystone Conference" at
202 Wilson Ave
Oil City, PA 16301

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